Friday, February 22, 2008

swf iso roflcopter

While I was catching up on my Mental Floss reading yesterday, I found an article on "7 Incredibly Specific Dating Sites."

The two I was most interested in investigating were "Darwin Dating" (be sure to check out the acception criteria) and "Sweet on Geeks." For completely opposing reasons, though. Well... maybe not, actually. What I wanted to find out was essentially how unfit I was for either site. AND HOW!

Occasionally I consider going fishing for menfolk on the internets. No, really, I do. Just for kicks and giggles. And the possible odd deep and meaningful relationship. I just haven't done it. I do however, have fun imagining the kind of advertisement I'd make for myself.

When you're with a friend who's single and hating it, you're often inclined to say things like, "Why wouldn't anyone want to date you? You're funny, you're smart, you're kind, blah blah blah," and sometimes you throw in other deal-boosters like, "You love Mystery Science Theater 3000, you know how to ballroom dance, you do a killer Shirley Bassey impersonation, and whoa-nelly, nobody makes a meaner quesadilla."

So anyway, if/when I finally man up enough to join or eharmony, I look forward to compiling a Relationship Resume/Curriculum Vitale (or what some people would call a "profile") that highlights some of my possibly-overlooked and underrated ... things... that... are... supposed to be attractive? To... men? You know, the real deal-boosters.
"I don't care if you leave the toilet seat up."
"I drive a stickshift."
"I love MacGyver."
"I have a boy's sense of humor."
"I like video games."
"Maybe I should have been a boy."
"A boy who likes Hello Kitty and makeup."
"A very gay boy."

nah. I should have someone else write my profile.

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