Friday, February 8, 2008

hot wheels

It's Day Three of car ownership, and I'm still madly in love with the Rabbit.

I'm not quite sure yet about names, though. I've given it some thought, and there are a few directions I could take in naming this car:

1.) Color Me Awesome: As I did with the Beige Wonder, I could name this car based on her color. Black Beauty. The Black Bunny. Black Magic. Black & Mild. Janara's Dad.

2.) Eastern Bloc Party: It's a German car. I'm a Slavic sweetheart with rugged Central European good looks. Thus, she could easily be given a name brimming with Teutonic flair: Brunhilde. Jurgita. Ludmila. Brigitte.

3.) Rabbit Fever: Flopsy. Mopsy. Cottontail. Peter? Peter could be a girl. Jessica Rabbit.

4.) Arbitrary Female Names: Off the top of my head... Babs. Rita. Gladys. Lola. Donna. Phoebe.

Shoot, I kind of like ALL these names. It's gonna be tough.

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