Monday, February 11, 2008


When I was at a friend's place on Friday, I caught the beginning of the MTV show, "Beauty and The Geek." The opening theme was none other than Pet Shop Boys' "Opportunities," which happens to be the secondary tagline to my weblog ("I've got the brains, you've got the looks; let's make lots of money") . That made me sad. It makes my tagline seem like a lot less of a clever find. I mean, I heard that Pet Shop Boys song on internet radio fair and square, and then MTV goes and shoves it into the mainstream slop trough. Way to steal my retro thunder, MTV.

And that's another thing. People will watch a show with beautiful women and smart, geeky men. But do you think they'll ever do a reverse Beauty and The Geek, with handsome men and smart, geeky, and unattractive women? HECK NO. Because it doesn't work like that.

That seems like a good enough segue into Singles Awareness Week. Which is right now. The week where all of us otherwise-content, single adults are reminded, "Hey, wait. Didn't you want to be in a serious relationship by now? Because I'm pretty sure you did." Thanks, Hallmark and your many minions-- you're right. I forgot. I meant not to be single by now. Shucks.

Tomorrow, I think I'll bring out that song I wrote a couple of years ago about Valentine's Day, written to the tune of a Sugar Ray hit. Yeah. I'll do just that.

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