Tuesday, February 19, 2008

brief weekend recap

Friday: Sick all day.

Saturday: Sick all day.

Sunday: Sick all day.

Monday: bought teal Chuck Taylors for $20 and a coffee grinder. Broke a tooth.

helluva weekend.


I can't believe my tooth freaking broke in half. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, eating something crunchy when BAM. No more bicuspid. I mean, it didn't HURT or anything... I remember thinking, "wow, this is hard. you could break a tooth eating this stuff." And wouldn't you know it. The outer half of the tooth-- completely gone, all the way up to the gum.

It looks really disgusting. As does my new white trash smile. Like I came straight out of the holler. Fishin fer crawdads in the crick. I'll just tell everyone I broke it trying to open a bottle of moonshine with my teeth.

No, really. fantastic.

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mcali1981 said...

Aww....my poor, poor Andrea. I'm sorry about your weekend and your tooth. That sucks. Although, I have to admit I laughed at your rendition of "coming out of the holler." Only cause I came from there, ya know! Love ya! I hope this week is better for ya!