Monday, February 25, 2008

Free tail wags? Sign me up.

I started voluntering at the SPCA this weekend. This means I get to spend quality time with dogs and cats. This makes me SO happy!!!

Honestly, I can not describe how happy I was when I got to go in to Vivian's little room (Vivian being a dog at the shelter) and just HANG OUT with her. I just went in and scratched her head, and played with her, and talked to her, and she was so great to be with! I just think dogs and cats are so great. It's a precious, happy little life rolled up in a furry little body. Most dogs and cats at a place like the SPCA are just so glad to have some company and attention, and it does good for me to receive some back.

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DaForeigner said...

I think it's great that your helping out. I'm a big animal fanatic...with a soft spot for cats. :)