Friday, February 29, 2008

Did "Seinfeld" ever cover this one?

I've got a question for everyone out there.

Let's say you shake hands with someone in a setting of a professional transaction. Say you shake hands with them multiple times on multiple dates.

Let's say that on two of these hand-shaking occasions, the person with whom you shook hands kept their ring and pinky fingers bent and closed into their palm as they shook hands with you. This caused the knuckles of said ring and pinky fingers to dig into your palm as you received their handshake. A very weird feeling indeed.

My question for you: Does that mean something?

Further clarifying or compounding facts:

  • The other person is a male who is less than ten years my senior.
  • He was able to perform a normal handhake, as well as other dexterity-requiring motor skills, on another occasion.
  • He does have a girlfriend.
  • He does not seem otherwise sleazy.

Did I miss the cue on a secret handshake? Does a knuckle pressed in your palm mean "meet me in the back hallway in 5 minutes" or something like that? Help me out here. Thanks.


Ian Davis said...

Yes, that is commonly known as the South Eastern handshake, from the Wachutu tribe in South East Africa.

False. That is odd. I have not experienced that.

Maybe it is something secret though and there's this secret society, like Dead Poet's Society. In this case it would probably be called the Wachutu Poet's Society.

Christine said...

One possibility: gentleman in question has recently lost a lot of weight, and lives with the constant nagging thought that his wedding ring could fall off if he moves his hand too fast. To see if this is the case, try to discreetly get a good look at how the ring fits -- does it look like it slides around a little?

Oh, wait, did you say he had a girlfriend? Never mind. That's quite a handshake. Guy's hiding something, hiding it with all he's got, and he's probably doing a pretty good job of it now, but his airport restroom moment is coming. Keep some popcorn handy.