Monday, March 31, 2008

Journal of a would-be blonde with a limited income.

Chose "caramel" colored highlighting kit. Got ORANGE CHUNKS.
Dyed blonde to off-set the orange. Got strawberry blonde hair.

No activity.

No activity. Starting to see roots.

Bought blonde highlighting kit. Successful execution of instructions. Got blonde highlights.

No activity.

Starting to see roots. Chose to dye hair again, hoping for blonde hair. Chose dye color called "champagne fizz." Got strawberry blonde. Again.

No activity. Cheap orange hair bringing out acne.

March 30:
Planned to highlight again. Bought different highlighting kit. Executed instructions. Got brown roots, orange hair, and hi-liter yellow highlights. Looked like cheap hooker.
Dyed hair brown; said "screw blondes."


Christine said...

I hear you. No, I *feel* you (isn't that what the kids say these days?) -- in my more lucid moments I recognize that only a professional can give me a cohesive color that doesn't look absolutely awful somehow. Highlights, though, basic highlights (cap not brush-on), that I'll do at home, that helps a lot. Helps enough that sometimes I forget not to attempt anything else ... (btw I will always believe you were born to be a blonde forever, but I recognize that this is only one person's point of view.)

BYao said...

Hey... screw only fake blondes right... there is a few of us in this makeshift world that have