Thursday, March 6, 2008

My petticoat's getting in the way again

I have a new favorite thing, and it's this article. Including whoever wrote it.

Before you go and read it, let me warn you by saying it's got a couple of, um, unsavory metaphors. In fact, all I really mean by that is: Mom, seriously-- don't read it.

That article had me cracking up with how well it was written, in a deliciously sophomoric fashion. I think, if I were a guy, I would just kill to write like that. The word plays... the mental imagery... *swoon*! What a gift. He weaves man-humor and 80's nostalgia into a robust tapestry. A tapestry I'd be proud to display on my wall.

You may note that I said, "If I were a guy," I'd want to write like that. That's the key, there. I could put those kinds of words on a webpage, but I'm a girl. And a morally-conscious one, at that. I'm all for busting the glass ceiling, but you can't be crass and be a lady at the same time. And "being a lady" is definitely part of my five-year-plan.

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Christine said...

"If I were a guy," I'd want to write like that.

Tell it to Tina Fey.