Friday, March 14, 2008

maybe rho and epsilon were taken

Happy Pi Day, everyone. 3.14.

Another perk of working in a lab with fellow nerds is that we get to celebrate things like Pi day. People actually brought in pies this morning.

One of the scientists, whose mother is a teacher, told us about a Pi day activity that blends the happy worlds of Math and English. It is the Piku: where pi meets the haiku.

In a haiku, the syllable/line formula is 5/7/5; whereas in a piku, the syllable formula is 3/1/4/1/5/9 and so on, for as long as you want to go. See, that's the beauty of pi: it never ends.

And naturally, some of us here at the lab wrote pikus. Here is mine:

3 radius
1 arc
4 diameter
1 o!
5 my circumference
9 of three hundred and sixty degrees
2 constant
6 help us, Archimedes
5 so irrational
3 yet so real
5 a Greek character
8 encompasses so very much
9 twenty-two divided by seven
7 to infinite decimals
9 to illustrate the sphere and circle
3 concisely
2 why pi?
3 tasty snack
8 crispy, flaky, golden-brown crust
4 also is round
6 an endless metaphor

And one Toothpaste for Dinner pi webcomic for good measure.

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My Piku - short and sweet...

Lovely Pi