Monday, March 10, 2008

king me! wait, no. wrong game.

You know what I'd really like to do? Learn how to play chess.

I would like for somebody to teach me more than just what the moves are-- I'd like for someone to invest some time with me and teach me strategy and stuff. People tell me I'd probably be good at chess, so... I wanna find out.

I'm off to check craigslist for local chess clubs. If... they exist.


DaForeigner said...

Chess is a cool game. I tend to think I do ok at it, until I played my friend's older brother. He is one of those Chess "geniuses" if you will, but he lives across the country or I would give you his info. We played when I was out in Vegas (man I loved that place), and he was out there for a tournament. Yeah...chess tournament, that is how serious he gets. I think he beat me and my friend both in less than 3 min.

Back to the drawing board for me :( LOL

Andrea said...

Haha, after writing this I found out my very own roommate plays chess and had been looking for a new chess partner. Go figure!