Monday, March 10, 2008


Rant time.

I sit at a cubicle. The cubicle wall height is about 4 feet, so it's not very private. Or soundproof.

There is a woman in an adjacent cubicle who sits there and SNORTS incessantly. We're just sitting here, working, in an otherwise peaceful environment, when the concentration will be repeatedly shattered by one of the most impolite, grating, and yet entirely controllable bodily noises.


This woman is not ill, by the way.

And there is a vast difference between sniffing and snorting.

Sniffing is what you do when you have a cold. It's when something is about to run down out of your nose and the only method of prevention is a rapid nasal intake of air. All the action is in the anterior region of the nasal cavity. Sniffing is a necessary evil. Unless you're a coke addict. Then I wouldn't really call it "necessary." But I digress.

Snorting, on the other hand, is when the rapid intake of air is with the intention of disrupting and dislodging matter in the posterior region of the nasal cavity. If you've got stuff building up in there, for the love of God-- go blow your nose. If it continues to build up in there, medicate. Or see a physician. They make specialists for just such a predicament.

But under no circumstances, on any planet, is it appropriate to sit there and snort repeatedly. Every day. I don't care how old you are. It is not okay. It is GROSS.

There IS a way to surmount the nasal inflammation brought on by allergies and ill-tempered air conditioning that does not involve regular snorting. I promise you this. I further suggest you develop this skill.

That is all.


emily. said...

okay, so now i'm pretty sure you know what it's like to work with elaine. except you don't have the incessant showtune singing or the constant repetition of "come on baby, let me see you do your SCHTICK."

DaForeigner said...

That is pretty gross I agree...Not sure how anyone can deal with that on a daily basis. I think I would have snapped by now or said something (maybe not so politely either) I don't know...I guess it has to do with upbringing and morals. Maybe her parents didn't teach her well or something.

Best of luck to you though in that situation. Ear plugs maybe? :P

Anonymous said...

ewww. i could think of something worse and it deals with the nasal/pharyngeal airway. uh-huh. but i will leave that up to other nurses to decide. i miss having stupid...pointless...but hysterical conversations with you!!!!! love you