Thursday, December 27, 2007


Apparently just coming to my weblog isn't enough to actually be able to read the most current posts. I've made changes and posts, and they're in the archive, but nothing I've done after the 23rd is displaying on my main page. It's very Groundhog Day.

And I know that after I post this, I'll be the only person able to read it unless a.) the problem is fixed, or b.) a visitor happens to check my archive. So it's like I'm talking to myself. HI ANDREA!!!!!

Well. In other news, I got a Christmas present that I'm really excited about: a digital sketchpad. Now I get to draw on the computer.... which is awesome because I love drawing and I haven't done anything artistic in years. I still sketch and make doodles all the time (and that's probably the majority of what my new gifs and jpegs will be-- doodles), but now I can do so much more with them. I can't wait to get home and hook it up.


mcali1981 said...

Well, apparently, you're not just talking to Andrea, I got the blog. ;)

I can't wait til the schetches and doodles are put on here for us to see! It will be like old times, kinda. Except I have black straight hair and not brown curly hair with a fingernail flying through the air while playing volleyball. Ha ha ha I still love that pic.

Tomorrow morning should be a blast too!!! Love ya!!!

Andrea said...

I think maybe it's just my mom's computer that's on crack. I give up.