Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't complain-- I could've given you syphilis.

Today was Christmas with all my brothers and sisters and their kids. Mom and I got back home from it all around 8:00, but I swear it felt more like midnight. You tell me: I'm 24, I'm young, I'm spry-- and I don't even OWN any of these kids-- if I'm tired out after six hours of them, how exhausted must their parents be? Geez.

For most of the kids, I bought Giant Microbes. I gave Nicholas the flu, Olivia strep throat, Haley whooping cough, Leo salmonella, and Natalie the common cold. I would have gotten a microbe for all 9 kids, but those five were the only ones at the store that weren't venereal diseases.

"Thanks for giving me the clap, Aunt Andrea" isn't something I want to hear on Christmas. That might just be me, though.

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