Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I think co-workers are one of life's more underrated pleasures.

Maybe I've just gotten lucky... five times in a row... but I've had nothing but overall pleasant experiences in the jobs I've held. Coworkers give me a chance to talk to people I normally wouldn't have anything in common with. And what's more so, they surround me with real characters...and thus, endless entertainment.

People-watching and group dynamics are art forms that will never get old for me. At least, I hope they never get old.

A day at work is full of subtle nuances that validate the art of people like Scott Adams and the writers of The Office. I mean, there really IS a co-worker who keeps the office door open and yells confidential information into the speakerphone. There IS always someone in your depatment who you suspect may be a form of artificial intelligence. There ARE useless meetings to which everyone brings crossword puzzles and snacks (if they can get away with it).

But really, I love that stuff. I love the nuances. The little quirks throughout the day that let you exchange knowing glances with the other "normal" co-workers who notice them, too.

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