Wednesday, December 19, 2007

time to bring out the vomit salt

No matter where I am, I can still recognize the sound of a school bus. There's one that drives by every afternoon-- I've never even seen it, but it sounds the exact same every day, and I don't really even need to see it to prove to myself that it's a school bus.

The very sound of it, to this day, still makes my stomach knot up. It brings up a lightning-fast stream of thoughts-- "i'm late for the bus. i'm supposed to be somewhere else. someone threw up on the bus. i didn't do my homework. frau thellmann's gonna kill me. where am i going to sit in the cafeteria today? i bet i got another peanut butter and jelly sandwich. my life sucks." and then the pulse of adrenaline is gone, and suddenly I'm back to being a grownup in a cubicle.

What a relief.

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