Thursday, April 10, 2008

making do

I really hate to be all Chicken-Soup-For-The-Soul, but I got to enjoy one of my all-time favorite simple pleasures last night: driving at night when the weather is nice-- windows down, music up.

It is then that I have fewer qualms about belting out with Klaus Meine and Simon Le Bon (of Scorpions and Duran Duran fame, respectively).

That's something I miss about where I used to live in Columbus-- there were a lot more open, cruise-friendly roads to do this on. Now I just live in a city where there are stoplights everywhere. What a buzzkill.


El Beaso said...

there ARE roads outside the city that are permissible to cruise on, just saying

DaForeigner said...

I agree with you though. That is a good time, and awesome stress relief to just drive and listen to some tunes. I tend to go out on the parkway...and drive from Jamestown Beach all the way down to Yorktown and back. Nice breeze from the river and it kills some time and lets me unwind...get my mind right.

I think I will do that soon when things get a little better on my end.

Take it easy,