Monday, April 21, 2008

Lab Week

It's National Laboratory Week. Or, as we in the industry prefer, "lab week."

Yessir. One week where the country takes a moment to recognize and appreciate the hard work it takes to produce laboratory results. One week where everyone considers the years of hard science, Westergard principles, reagent optimization, reference range memorization, quality control adherence, and beaurocracy-muddled project proposals that all scientists have to trudge through in order to become competent professionals.


*wipes tears from eyes* ... ahh...

More like, one week where we enjoy a group potluck and some free pens and tote bags while we continue to report, with a 99.5% confidence interval, that you, the lucky consumer, do in fact have the clap.

ah, lab science.


Christine said...

Consider yourself appreciated! (I am now nodding appreciatively.)

BYao said...

So uh yeah...since it is lab week...;) Some of us at work have been trying to figure out why it takes so long for a Chem 7 to pop up...while the CBC's are like immediate....enlighten us oh wise one...;)