Monday, April 7, 2008


Hey, remember that airline, Skybus? The one that flew me home and back for prices I could afford?

Well, no more of that. They shut down on Friday.

And now I'll never see my friends and family again.

Not really. I'm sure I could manage the eight-hour drive back to Columbus, especially now that I have wild, raging luxuries such as air conditioning and cruise control. It just sucks, big time. Plus, I'm not that anxious to put a ton of miles on my new car, although it's nice to have a vehicle that I know for sure could make the trip in once piece.

(I think the beige wonder is currently rolling over in its grave. er... new driveway.)

Anyway, on to happier events from the weekend. Rebecca, Beth, Sarah, and I went to cheer on our friends who ran the Monument 10K this weekend (And Rob-- sure! Let's run it next year. I'm game). We made signs with most of our friends' names on them (apologies to Melissa) and posted them on trees along the race route. It was fun picking out our people from the 30,000-strong crowd. That's the only time I've ever been thankful for anything that involved matching t-shirts.

And then there was the luau. Best one I've ever been to. I swear, how did they find so many fun people and put them in one city? Must be something in the mai-tais.

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DaForeigner said...

Sounds like a plan! I guess we should start training early huh? LOL The matching t-shirt comment was awesome. Happened to me once. I bowl in a league with dad, and I show up to meet him there and we are wearing the identical shirt. Not to mention I'm the 3rd and he is a JR, we even share the name. Everyone on the league gave us grief about it, needless to say, we both carry a spare shirt in the car so it won't ever happen again! :)