Thursday, January 10, 2008

We'd call this "confirmatory testing"

I think there are some real gems in this article: The Nerd Handbook.

I love that the overall tone of the article could be paraphrased as "understanding the nerd in your life."

By the most stringent definitions, I guess I'm not really as big of a nerd as I thought I was. While I have my computer exactly the way I want it, I have no idea how it works (nor do I want one). I've never given any thought to monospace typeface, I don't play any über-nerd games (World of Warcraft, et al.), and Rubik's Cubes make me cry. Furthermore, I actually kind of like fresh air, 95% of my friendships were formed by traditional in-person contact, and I dress pretty cool. sorta.

BUT-- with those obvious outliers out of the way, this article confirms that I do indeed operate like a nerd. The writer of this blog, if you'll excuse the cliché, totally read my mail.

I actually laughed out loud when I read the part titled "Your nerd has built an annoyingly efficient relevancy engine in his head." I'm afraid I could be the poster child for that one.

Even more so: THE CAVE. I have a cave. I've always had a cave. If you have any desire to understand me (or, well, I guess there might be other people you'd want to understand), then click on the link to his blog about THE CAVE. Holy Toledo, Batman-- that's me. That's why I hate being interrupted (mega apologies to my poor Mom and former roommate Emily, who have been on the receiving end of The Snap more times than they'd care to remember).

It's all so clear now. There it is, all laid out in front of me. My faults, my inner workings, displayed in public (at my encouragement, even) like a juicy exposé. There it is, folks. I'm a nerd. Let the doubt be removed.


Ian Davis said...

Ha!, "Rubik's cubes make me cry." Amen. I think if you can figure out how to solve one of those things, you discover the secret to the universe.

Too bad it's friggin' hard to solve it. I feel like an idiot w/in the first 7 seconds of trying to figure it out. I'll shift this piece a quarter of a turn, and then that damn red color is now out-of-whack. But it wasn't before I moved it, so maybe I should move it back. So I do and then yellow yells "what about me, jerk?" Head explosion ensues.

I'll never know the secret of the universe. Must be cool tho.

beas said...

Ian, here's a little hint that seems obvious, but really isn't. The middle square on all the sides, stay the same. Once you wrap your head around that, you work on doing one side...say white. Now begin making a white cross. That's all for today's lesson :-)