Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A good weekend

I had the most amazing weekend. In the space of four days, I think I perfected the balance between time spent doing the following:
a.) self-edification (sleeping, eating, thinking, reading, church)
b.) being with friends
c.) being productive/housekeeping and life maintenance
d.) being alone and goofing off

I wouldn't call the balance equal between the four directions, by any means. Also, I'm sure my productvity was not even remotely optimized; however, productivity was not (and often IS not) my rubric of choice. I got done the things I needed to do, which were few, and spent the rest of my time off in delight of the fantastic time period that is my twenties.

Last night I capped off the Weekend-O-Fun by going to see Atonement with friends. It was a good movie. However, I think most notable was the couple sitting directly behind Sarah and me who had, in their posession, The Never-Ending Bag Of Popcorn. And they munched on it, with mouths open, for the first two thirds of the movie.
*khahnmch chawmch ghawmnch* the woman chomped.
*nhawmf chrahnch ghrawnchf* the man scarfed.
Sometimes they'd each down a handful at the same time. Then we got Couple Munching Popcorn In Our Ears, IN STEREO.

*khahnmch chawmch ghawmnch* [me/Sarah] *nhawmf chrahnch ghrawnchmf*

Maybe the effect was heightened because the theater was not very crowded. Maybe the rows were closer together than most other theaters. Either way, it was like having one of your brothers deliberately eating something crunchy in your ear. It's funny/annoying enough for a few minutes, but it just kept GOING. The crunching. THE CRUNCHING! *nhawmf chrahnch ghrawnchmf* And the bag of popcorn had no end.

So that was Atonement for me. A good war-time flick, punctuated by endless popcorn being eaten in my ear.

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