Monday, January 28, 2008

A Consumer Reports Best Buy

As I sat with friends the other day, I was particularly bummed about a few things, and I casually let it slip that "I think my life sucks, and I'm continually frustrated and disappointed." My friends sat, frozen, like deer in headlights until one finally said, "Wow, it's um... really brave of you to say that."

ehn. I guess so.

Don't misunderstand me-- the last thing I'm after is an online therapy session. All I needed was a good talk with my Mom, and BAM! everything's bright and sunny again. No, my life doesn't suck, etc. etc.

But I've come to the opinion that I don't really want to hide my life from the people who are in it.

Take Consumer Reports. An excellent and invaluable resource for the bigger purchases in life. If I'm going to invest in a car or major appliance, I'd like to be warned about its liabilities.

Thus, when people are making the effort to try and get to know me, well... sometimes I think they ought to get the Consumer Reports version of what my deal in life is. "HAY GUYZ, come on in. Welcome to Life With Andrea, and here be my problems."

Because, really, any grownup worth their salt is well aware that everyone comes with problems. It's just learning what ours and other people's are, and whether they can be helped or tolerated. I'm a firm believer in being honest with yourself, and with other people.

Life is too short for horse excrement.

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