Friday, November 21, 2008

Journey Back to Cowtown

Tomorrow morning I'm heading back to the homeland-- Columbus, Ohio.

I can not WAIIIIIIIIIT to catch up with my family and friends. I want:
  • breakfast with Beth
  • catch-up and mutual googly-eyed boyfriend story sharing with Arielle
  • shopping with Martha
  • dinner with Tami
  • more shopping and happy funtimes with Jamie and Susanna
  • coffee with the Moore girls
  • tomfoolery with Emily
  • life re-evaluation with Sandy
  • yummy thanksgibbin with my awesome siblings
  • all manner of cheek-pinching and snuggly business with the nine offspring of said siblings
  • and --most of all-- youngest-child syndrome lovins from my Mommy.

Seriously. I love home.

c'est la vie, et la vie est bonne.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for you to be here!!! And hey...I made it at the top of the list! life is complete!


Cary said...

I don't know Martha, but shopping with her sounds like a good time.