Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I need new material.

Maybe everybody knew this, but I tend to do my most prolific blogging when I'm trying to impress someone. Sometimes it's some one in particular, sometimes it's just anyone, sometimes it's a tangible person, and sometimes it's an abstract idea of someone who might just amble by the old blog here and discover I'm a real gem and make some magic happen so I can just write stupid crap all the time and get paid handsomely for it.

I mean, a lot of writing is about knowing your target audience.

Anyway, I kinda gave up on that crack-pipe dream. Maybe I'll strike it up again when I get the urge for mental exhibitionism. ew, is that really a thing? I probably have it.


Christine said...

If you get tired of blogging about personal day-to-day POV stuff, there's always the option of blogging about actual subject material that you absolutely know stuff about. Seriously: you've always been good at making science fun to non-scientists, and people actually read those kinds of blogs and write comments and sometimes actual conversation takes place. There's room out there in the science blogs for all levels of technical intensity or lightness. Give it some thought!

Beas said...

"well at least your honest"

I've noticed a monthly posting decline for "shore". You were rolling back in Jan/Feb. What up with that?!

if I were to write a blog post it would be about the daggummit word verification things (like to post here and when you buy tickets at I probably average about 3 attempts before I can get to the next level. I think they get 4 year olds to write down "letters" and somehow unless your a kindergarten teacher, you're up the creek without a paddle and can't read it (which now that I think about it, doesn't make sense, who the heck gets in a floating vehicle of some sort in a freakin' CREEK?! now that's living on the edge and why would you be going "up", doesn't the flow of creeks, brooks, streams, rivers, flow "down"? shouldn't it be down the creek without a paddle? I digress) so yeah back to my "point", word verifications suck.

I shall now attempt to confirm that this post here is in fact NOT a SPAM BOT, but in fact an intelligent human being...DENIED...DENIED...frick!

oh and I noticed I'm a fan of using these guys " "

hah remember when Joey from Friends used quotes around all the wrong words? ah good stuff

what I'm trying to say is this...suck it up Andrea, push through this dry spell, and drop some intelligent/humorous/witty/sarcastic stories/rants/knowledge on our arses :)

plumpdumpling said...

Of course I automatically assumed that you were trying to impress ME, but then I realized that I'm already all up on your nuts, so it must be someone else.

I guess I'm narcissistic enough that I could blog and blog to no one and not think a thing of it. Try to work with that.