Monday, March 16, 2009

The Wedding Wave, 2009

So maybe you've noticed that just a scoche less than everyone in the mid-20's age range is getting married this year.

I'm one of these many brides-to-be, and at first I didn't care. It didn't make any difference to Mike and me-- this is where we are in our relationship, whether we felt like we were part of the Sun Myung Moon Mass Wedding of '82 or not.

Then I was excited about being in the company of so many others who, say, were looking at centerpiece ideas at the same time. Hello, we can all gripe about the retail markup of veils TOGETHER. I mean, they're just a yard of tulle with a ribbon edge, amiright? What could be more fun than that? We could all squee with unified delight when one of us finds The Dress or The Pantsuit or whatever.

Now I'm a little bummed, because everywhere I go there is bridal chatter. And people, I am what I am-- I can not help but compare myself to others. Now I get to fight feeling inadequate because I haven't started looking for a dress, because I can't rank my friends enough to pick a maid of honor, because I can't decide on a color scheme, or because I'm less organized than I want to be, or maybe just because I don't have my best friends or family down here to help me. And despite constant reassurance from Mike that everything's going to be great, well... bluh.

I feel even sorrier for people who have to listen to all this and AREN'T part of the wedding who-hah.


MCali said...

Hi my darling! I am excited about your wedding. You know that because I was excited for yours before mine even existed. Ha ha

Yes, we can gripe and complain all that we want and don't worry about all the details. It's gonna be fine.

I'm sad that I am not there with you right now either. It would be so much fun to do a lot of this stuff together, BUT your wedding is going to be spectacular. Don't compare to others and what they are doing, cause your wedding will be what you want it to be and that's what matters.

If you need me, please call/text/e-mail/IM me. I will keep you updated on all my chaos too. I LOVE YOU!

plumpdumpling said...

Yay! I was just home this weekend for my best friend's wedding.

You know what would make all of this easier? Making me your maid of honor. I'm picky and will choose the color scheme for you (dark brown and cream, obvs), and then you won't have to offend any of your friends. DONE.