Thursday, December 18, 2008

make the nose breath stop

I'm sitting at my cubicle, and the only thing I can hear is a nearby co-worker breathing through their nose.

I'm about to scream.

Why does that stuff drive me up the wall?

heh, I also kind of hate it when people repetitively eat loudly.

The kind of gutteral, smacky, salival noises that people make when they pay no attention to the noise they generate. bluh.


I've got four weeks left of my illustrious Emerging Infectious Diseases Fellowship. I think I've gotten everything out of it that my particular host facility was able to provide... so it looks like from here on out I'll just be doing a little routine testing.

I've also sort of volunteered to be the PCR Lab Wench. I'm aliquotting reagents. I'm bleaching off the tube racks. Bust out the C1V1 = C2V2, 'cause I'm makin' us some 70% EtOH.

It's been a good run but I can't wait to start something new.




Anonymous said...

did you know though, eating "loud" in the Asian culture is a sign that it is good food. heheh...;)

Beth Yao

plumpdumpling said...

Oh, god, you know what's worse than nose-breath sounds? People who say "their" when they mean "his" or "hers".

No, but for serious, I spent all of high school being soooooo into this nerd, and then he finally took me out on a date, and I felt like the luckiest girl ever until I had to listen to him nose breathe through the entire movie we went to see. So sad.