Thursday, August 21, 2008

If I hate your love seat, may I call it a hate seat?

Big time changes.

First off, new apartment. Goodbye to the old cavernous place, hello to the cozy new one. It's a lot smaller, but I actually like that. It doesn't feel like a waste of space. It feels like a good fit. So now I want to get a few pieces of real furniture. I think I've reached a point in life where I don't need to live out of Sterilite stackable modular plastic storage units. I can buy a grown-up's dresser. I've already started this post-adolescent upswing with a fancy do-it-yourself bookshelf from Target. My books no longer live in milk crates and Yaffa blocks.

When I bought my fancypants DIY bookshelf, the cashier asked me if I was a student at VCU. tuh! To her credit, I did buy it amidst the swarm of college n00bs who were there to fill their dorms with cheap, wobbly end-tables, beanbag chairs, mini-fridges, and James Dean posters (ah, if only they'd been Che Guevarra). Anyway, I said no, that I was just working these days. Nope, not a college kid anymore. I wanted to answer with a big, flagrant "HAAAYYYLE NOOOO" but a.) I don't actually see myself saying that, like... ever, and b.) I thought that might've been a bit superfluous.

In my search for cheap-but-not-crappy furniture, I've browsed craigslist on a daily basis. And people... I can not say this enough... I can't BELIEVE how terrible some people's taste in furniture is. Most of my craigslist browsings are punctuated with outbursts of "eww, REALLY?" at the ugly-ugly-ugLAY things people are getting rid of. The real kicker is that there WAS one point in time where someone saw this crap and said, "HAY, THAT'S GREAT STUFF RIGHT THERE" and put it in their home.

I prefer sitting on Yaffa blocks to a mojave-patterned love seat, thankyouverymuch.

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plumpdumpling said...

I'd love to be asked if I'm still in college. And I'd lie my face off, because then it'd be okay that I'm an admin at a software company, because everyone would expect me to quit that and go on to great things as soon as I graduated.