Thursday, May 1, 2008

significance is overrated

I lack inspiration lately. I hate that feeling!

I'm not very satisfied with my job. It was supposed to be a little more awesome than this. I'm not considering a career change, by any means, but there are just an increasing number of days where I wake up and say, "really, what am I doing?" and I don't have a very comforting answer to that question.

People ask me what I do, and by default I want to give a defeated sigh and answer, "that's a good question." But nobody's really asking me the deeper version of that question; they're just making polite conversation. The answer is, I squirt various liquids into tiny tubes and push buttons on machines, and at the end of the day, it really does not make a significant difference to anyone or anything. YAY ME!!!

I bet everybody feels like this at some point, though. I was just hoping this point would come, for me, around my mid-life crisis or whatever... and not within a year of my graduating college.


emily. said...

and welcome to my world, dear.

ps, i got your email but i've been too busy pushing buttons and teaching interns to tell you that the weekend you are home will be swell. let's really do it up big.

DaForeigner said...

It's funny that you mentioned that. I was feeling the exact same thing today at work (which is where I am currently at) and was texting him talking about that very same issue.

I don't know what causes that feeling...but it isn't pleasant. I got tagged for something, so when I get done with it, You will be on the list of people I tag =)

However...I had to go private? Did I ever get your e-mail added to list so you can read my blog. (that's if your interested)

DaForeigner said...

You have been tagged!!!